bannerAlmost 70 Years of Expertise

In today’s multi-media world, it’s hard to imagine a time when video technology didn’t exist.  But, the fact is that video didn’t come into its own until the early 1950s.  And before there was video, there was Lerro.

The Lerro Corporation was founded in 1949 as an electrical supply company in Philadelphia, Pa. Two years later, the first coast-to-coast video network was introduced, and the first video camera successfully recorded pictures and sound on magnetic tape. In 1956, this technology became commercially available in the form of a videotape recorder called the Picturephone. Lerro was one of the first to distribute the Picturephone, beginning the company’s evolution as a leader in video solutions.

Since then, Lerro has played a role in the growth of every major video and broadcast innovation, by bringing these new these technologies to professional broadcasters, corporations, educational  institutions and other organizations. From the airline industry’s first in-flight movie, to the broadcast of milestones in our nation’s history, to today’s advanced communication and data display technologies, Lerro has been at the forefront of bringing images and sound to life.

Lerro is the oldest and most trusted name in video production.