Integrated Video Display Systems for Command & Control Centers


Proven solutions for critical applications.

Power delivery. Transportation flow. Security. Media tracking. When it comes to these and other mission-critical command and control situations, real-time data and real-life visualizations are absolutely essential. That’s why so many organizations trust Lerro.

Data display walls have become an essential tool for managing information and rapidly responding to real-time situations. Lerro has a proven track record of success in this technology and the capabilities to provide every component and support service needed to create end-to-end solutions for network operations centers, command and control centers and other information display capabilities.


We can design, equip and install large-scale data display walls with video and data cube arrays in any size or configuration, creating a seamless viewing experience. Our capabilities include the integration of all information systems, remote cameras and connections. We can train your staff and provide on-call support and ongoing service for maintenance, system expansion or upgrades.

When there’s no room for error, trust Lerro.